VP Packaging

VP Packaging

We have been providing Contract Packaging services such as Light Assembly, Collating, Blister Packs, Shrink Wrapping, Envelope Stuffing, Kit Assembly, labeling and miscellaneous manual inspection and repair for over 30 years in the Chicago, Illinois area.

We also can provide our services to print and marketing companies in which we can add inserts, remove pages, or affix labels for quick corrections. 

No packaging job is too big or too small!

Who We Are

Our reputation has been built on timeliness, our thorough work and our competitive pricing.

-› "They make me look good whenever there’s something I need done quickly"…

“VP Services has been a part of our family for over 20 years.


What We Do

Provide inspection and contract packaging services to companies that need something done that cannot be automated.

  • Light Assembly
  • Manual Product Inspections
  • Product Labeling and Corrections
If there is something you need done that cannot be automated, please call us.