• Collating
  • Contract Packaging
  • Printing Bar Codes on Packaging
  • Sonic Welding
  • Crystal Work
  • Shrink Wrap Services
  • Envelope Stuffing
  • Product Labeling
  • Giftware Inspection and Repair
  • Manual Product Inspections
  • Light Assembly
  • Gift Basket Assembly
  • Holiday Baskets Assembly
  • Product Repair
  • Blister Pack Assembly
  • Anything that cannot be automated!

We have been providing contract packaging services such as light assembly, collating, blister packs, shrink wrapping, envelope stuffing, kit assembly, and labeling for over 30 years in the Chicago, Illinois area.

We also can provide services to print and marketing companies in which we can add inserts, remove pages, or affix labels for quick corrections.

I remember the very first job we did together. California passed a new law requiring a label be affixed to any giftware that resembled a plate. Since we were the largest giftware company at that time, we had to label over one million Precious Moments┬« and Sports Impressions┬« plates before we could ship any more of these items. The state of California apparently thought people would eat off of their Michael Jordan Three-Peat plates!

Dave and his team met with our team to start this immense project. We were supposed to farm out some of the work to other vendors to expedite the process and keep risks down, but they took the entire project and completed the job in less than one month!

VP Packaging has inspected, repaired, glued, affixed, labelled, inserted, assembled anything that was shipped from overseas incorrectly countless times. They really have been my right arm and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thank you again Dave!

Paul C
Director of Quality Assurance
Enesco Corporation